In everything there is two sides.
And in this case not just “Good” and “Evil”.

Tiamat picture

Once a beast decided that IT would be the master of all things, all places and all times.

It has been defeated once or twice on certain worlds, but others have not even seen it’s power and glory. So, only a few are starting to understand the intricacies and the old evil that is Tiamat.

In order to save the multiverse, Gods and Mortals alike have conspired to help in all ways, until the day a final blow can be made to cut the heads and pierce the empty heart of the Majestic Lady of the Dark Dragons of Power.

To assemble the Heroes of Time universal laws and alliances have been made. Mortals have been chosen and brough together by circonstances and choice to be lead by the only things Gods don’t have : freedom of choice and destiny.

These companions have been shifted from world to world, adding their own power, knowledge and ambitions to help in the fights against Tiamat.

“May the Old One bend to watch over the weak, gready and power-hungry mortals so the Sword of Good and Justice might make it’s way to cut-off it’s heads.”

Important note : This campaign is run in French, so you might see some of it all around, but mostly in the player’s section as some of them do not write English well. If you want a translation let me know and I’ll be glad to send one.

If you have any comments or see any errors/omissions please don’t hesitate to send a message.

Hope you have as much fun in these pages as we have playing this game.

Children of Dragons Blood

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