The early years continued


This group of five decided to stay in touch every year, even if they parted ways to follow what they thought were their destiny.

There was:

  • Valentin (the singing one);
  • Kira (a cat-people female with no guts to fight but who loves animals);
  • Ramal the law-maker (a kid with so many rules but who can stand his ground);
  • Serina (a very young woman that doesn’t know when to quit); and
  • Kaael (a brash bully who wants to do good).

All this until the 10th anniversary of the disaster when the daughter of the mayor was abducted. They decided to take in this responsibility and were caught up in webs of intrigue that lead them to be poisoned and then forced to steal a magical mummified hand for some orcs to get the antidote.

Unfortunately, most of them died in a brigand ambush, after the inexperience youths tried to get their gears back inside the brigands own camp…The sight of a warrior splitting the head of one of his friend would haunt the only survivor, Ramal, for a number of years.

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The early years continued

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