Pain and destruction Continued

After a short discussion, he told them that he tough at first that they were traitors going to join the the armies of Evil. But now he sees they are not. He agreed to follow them as long as they would step in the direction of opposing the massive treat of these armies. He called himself Krom-Ka LongLeaper.

They found the ruins of Xak Tsaroth, but had a deadly fight against a creature none had seen on Krynn in thousands of years: a black dragon.

Xak tsaroth

However they were all saved by Mishakal as her temple was some hundred feets from the plaza of death in which they encountered Onyx the black dragon.

Mishakal told our heroes that they needed to descend into the ruined city, and find the lair of Onyx to get the lost Disk of Mishakal. With these writtings, the people of Krynn could reclame the knowledge of the Lost Gods and start to fight back against the Dragon Armies of the Queen of Dragons.

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Pain and destruction Continued

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