Never under estimate your Destiny Continued

The group objected as they could not explain their points. This made the High Priest very very angry. But it seems that he had to accept this because of a special treaty between religions in Specularum.

Thus a representative of each religion was summoned, except for Bahamut who did not have an official temple in the city. But all was already lost as this “treaty” would permit an open war with the other religions, and no one wanted to have Nerull – God of Death as an enemy. The group was declared guilty even though they explained everything to the envoys.

But no one asked the gods about this…and it angered Bahamut. He decided to petition the Lady of Faith herself…She looked for what seemed an eternity into the weaves of time and space before saying to Bahamut: “Made of this world I cannot pluck them out without consequences. So I will give them three choices so they have knowledge and understanding of the value of their destiny”.

When the High priest of Nerull was ready to cast the last phrase to condemn the group, a woman walked in the room. She was magnificent in a silver plate mail with bronze trims and platinum engravings. When the guards tried to block her path she looked at the high priest with a smile…while she transformed into a huge Silver Dragon. The guards did not have a chance.

Then everything stopped, even time.

Mystara cataclysm

Children of men and elves, the gods have deliberated and you have been given a chance to choose your Destiny” – a beautiful woman was standing in front of them as everything around was frozen in place.

Choose your Path through one of these crystals” – she said.

The blue crystal will teleport you to your hometown as nothing ever happened; the green one will take you out of the temple but all will be aware that you have escaped; the red crystal will teleport you out of this city to a place where heroes of good are needed. All will know that you are no longer here.

And you can reject the help of the gods, thus return everything to normal and you will continue on this path

What choose you?” – she said, as the gems began flashing more and more rapidly.

The group deliberated, but since most of these option would continue bringing the wrath of Nerull on the people of Specularum, they chose the RED gem.

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Never under estimate your Destiny Continued

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