Creating a new character

1. Decide on a race and a class;

2. Roll 4d6, discarting the lowest d6, seven (7) times. Keep the highest six (6) scores. If you roll 4 × 6 on your rolls, put “19” as a score (instead of 18) (must be rolled in front of the DM);

3. Put the scores as you wish, then adjust for race;

4. Human age is 20 + 2d6 (for all classes). For other races, age is as per PHB (or other reference if necessary);

5. Roll % times 500 for starting XPs (ex. 41% = 205xp);

6. Hit points are maximum at first level (ex. Cleric is 8 + mods);

7. Starting gold as per PHB;

8. Roll % for magical item possibility: a roll of 10% or less indicate one (1) first level magic item as per MIC p.269;

9. If the character has over 400xp, roll % and add the result (if any) of the treasure table A-1 in MIC p.266 to the character’s possession. A story should also be written to explain what this is and how the character got this extra wealth (without this story the extra is not there, sorry);

10. Choose your disadvantages (if needed) – maximum 15 points;

11. Choose your class abilities (if necessary);

12. Choose your Feats, applying the disadvantage’s points to get extra Feats (3 points/feat);

13. Apply your skill points;

14. If you are creating a character other than first level, just go through the level increases as you would normally in a game :

  • Apply all changes in BAB, Saves, abilities (Race, Class and others)
  • Increase your skills (maximum of 1 point per skill)
  • Choose a new Feat (if needed)
  • Roll Hit Points (must be rolled in front of the DM.)
  • Redo step 14 until all levels are added
  • Roll 1d100 times half the difference in XP from the next level to the actual level, and add the minimum XP required for the actual level to get your XPs (ex. a new 9th level who rolled 27% will have:
    (27% x [ (45,000(10th) – 36,000(9th) / 2) ]) + 36,000(9th) = 37,215 xp
  • Add 1500gp per new level

15. Buy your equipments. Note that for a character higher that level 1, magic items can be “bought” at half the listed cost in MIC. This is only valid for when the character is first created;

16. Decide on a name, height, weight, eyes/skin/hair colors, plus any other descriptive touches

17. Write a story that will be consistant with who, when, where and what you are.
This step is probably the most important one as you might find getting into a new group a little hard if you can’t say the name of your hometown or why you are walking alone in the desert. Take the time and the Gods will listen.

PHB – Player’s Handbook
MIC – Magic Item Compendium

Creating a new character

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