Arrival on Krynn Continued

The beast, a five-headed dragon some of them recognized immediately as Tiamat, did not wait. When the group jumped through the second gate, it used it’s breaths as best it could. Each of our hero fell down in the plain in agony. One was stiff and frozen, another could not breathe as the air was foul and poisonous, the third was burned badly, the fourth crackling with painful electricity and the last one to come through was soaked with acid.

But one was missing…one had seen another great dragon, a Platinum Dragon, trying to defend the mortals. So Ezekiel distracted Tiamat with the power of Bahamut, long enough to let his friends go through. However he was stuck in the Ethereal between Worlds.

The portal fades leaving only a blooming flower and a small crystal in its place.

Arrival on krynn

Our adventurer lost one of their own. But soon found company in an experience warrior named Vakniak. It is with him that they found out the truth about the world they were on: Krynn.

This world was very different from their homeworld since Dragons had been vanquished for a thousand years, and the gods had left the mortal races a few hundred years ago. So even the priestess YƤel could not master enough divine energy to conjure a simple cure spell.

They walk to the nearest town of Gateway to find no help and only a rumor about a Blue Crystal Staff followed by an army of Evil Men.

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Arrival on Krynn Continued

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