And the years went by continued

This is also how he began knowing other members of this company and how they became, if not friends at first, partners to act against evil:

  • Ezekiel Duham – A young but powerful Paladin of Bahamut, wise and visionary but very much action oriented;
  • Briac – The best friend of Ezekiel, also a Paladin of Bahamut but with innate abilities for Draconic magic;
  • Yäel – The witch and priestess, prone to visions and haunted by spirits both friends and foes.
  • Esmilane – The beautiful aristocratic woman who knows the city as well as she can get a men to drool when she unweight him of too many riches;
  • Kan’Vim Thamyruil – The high elf, one of the few noble of his race, bathed in magic from birth.

And there are the animals :

  • Monsieur Jules – An evasive, but trained monkey, always around Esmilane;
  • Rid’Ther – A falcon, familiar to Kan’Vim

Most of the things done in these times were to work closely with contacts around the land to help in any way they could. On the Eve of the biggest day of the Festival of Magic, everything changed…everything became complicated.

On the way to the “sky fire shooting display” the city criers talked all week, the earth shook. It shook enough to bring down walls and open gaping holes in the streets. The group then saw dark dwarves crawl out of one of these holes and attack a man. They got involved and were sucked into an intrigue that resulted in a visit to a major temple of the Death God himself in the heart of the city.

But as faith would have it, the man they saved some days ago was a priest of this religion, and when they came to investigate and interrogate him on his activity during the night of the earthquake, they found him poisoned. At that same moment, guards entered the room and they were arrested for the murder of a priest.

The penalty for such an act was immediate death…or so they were told.

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And the years went by continued

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