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  • Ramal

    h3. *"The only survivor of the original group from Threshold"* Very found of rules and strickly good and honest.

  • Kan'Vim Thamyruil

    Kan'Vim is a noble-born elf bathed in electrical magic and powers. He is very susceptible about the Elf race and a vegetarian but choice (which doesn't help his cause). No eating meat might also come from his fear of "Dead things"...or the fact that he …

  • Vakniak

    This experience War Master has seen the light of the Gods after the find of the *Disk of Mishskal* on his Homeworld. He now pray to [[Kiri-Jolith | Kiri-Jolith]] for guidance. When he is around you know...but only when combat begins as he will shout …

  • Wil Thrisk

    Newest member of the group, Wil comes from the small mountain village of Camiram in The Jotens, south east of the great city of Istivin in Sterich.

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