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  • Welwyn Graveyard

    The area surrounding the graveyard is flat, with no rises, dips, or vales to break up its monotony. Grave markers litter the ground, and names and holy symbols seem to be carved into every surface. In the center of this desolate area is a hill studded …

  • Lady Arabella Varain

    Lady Arabella came into the lives of the heroes when a spirit rose from his ethernal rest in the cemetary of [[Welwyn | Welwyn]]. She asked the heroes to help close back the open doors in the musoleum once and for all.

  • Harken

    Harken is the head of the funerary guild of Welwyn. He sees that everything is taken care of when someone special needs to be "layed to rest" in the large cemetary that is one of the pride of the town. There is no undead walking around this cemetary …

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