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  • Thorkell (dead)

    Thorkell was introduced to the group in the city of Port Joli, specificaly in the temple of Heironeous, when they wanted to find the wereabouts of an old temple of Grummsh. Thorkell knew where that temple was as almost 8 years ago he was a young man in …

  • Matoh

    Has offered a job to [[:kan-vim | Kan'Vim Thamyruil]], and given access to his laboratory in exchange of work. His shop is situated in the Merchant Ward of [[Port Joli | Port Joli]].

  • Silelia

    Silelia is a slim and beautiful high elf. She as become [[:kan-vim | Kam'Vim's]] friend in the winter of 591-592 when they met at an Inn in [[Port Joli | Port Joli]]. As she doesn't have enough money to get her private shop, she is working …

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