Thorkell (dead)

Human male paladin of Heironeous 2


Alignment : Lawful Good
Class : Paladin (LV2)
Armor : Chain Mail & Shield
Weapon : Longspear & Longsword

God : Heironeous


Thorkell was introduced to the group in the city of Port Joli, specificaly in the temple of Heironeous, when they wanted to find the wereabouts of an old temple of Grummsh.

Thorkell knew where that temple was as almost 8 years ago he was a young man in the service of a knight who was part of the force who destroyed it.

He volonteered to accompany the group and help them in any way he could.

He died inside the Musoleum of Welwyn, partially digested by a Black Pudding

Thorkell (dead)

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