Kelmor Firestarter (dead)

Human male fighter 2


Large good looking fighter with multiple piercings, tattoos, scarification and bone inserts.

Name : Kelmor Firestarter (was known as Kaael in his youth)
Race : Human
Gender : Male
Alignment : Chaotic Neutral
Class : Fighter (LV 2)
Armor : Scale Mail & Heavy Shield
Weapon : Longsword

God : Garagos


Early in life I knew I wanted to be, and could be, a mercenary. I never liked the rules and restriction put up by my father. I needed to move and do things on my own everyday and I did not listen well to people’s requests.

It is now Autumn 992. The son of the chief, another guy and myself are going to play some tricks on the young kids getting rocks, wood and leafs for there home for the winter. We got into some fights (the son of the chief was knock senseless and the other guy was pinned down in the mud) but I stood my ground and won my fights. We spotted smoke, a lot of smoke, coming from the village. When we got there everything was in flame…everything. And people were dead. Split open, naked, left in the street to rot.

We formed a small group to look around and find some adults. Five of us that had the right willingness to go through it without letting go of the chance to find our parents again. There was Valentin (the singing one), Kira (a cat-people female with no guts to fight but who loves animals), Ramal the law-maker (a kid with so many rules but who can stand his ground), Serina (a very young woman that doesn’t know when to quit) and myself.

After some travelling North we found an old hermit (a ranger) who helped us get to the knight & Elves’ camp to the North. We found that Kobolds and Goblins had taken our parents and all the adults of Threshold to an active attack on the camp. We found a mage to help us, we stole the goblin mage’s magic stones and got in the camp by a secret way. After this the knight and the elves rushed out to bring the fight to the humanoids…and they won. More than 60 people were killed in this attack.

We got some things out of this, trinkets and such, but also recognition and some reputation in the village. For myself I was offered either the skin of a Red Dragon or a bone from it. I took the bone (I don’t know why yet), and kept it secret from everyone.

Four years passed, and I still have strong feeling for the friends that passed through our life’s first trial. We decided to meet every year in the village to honor our lost friends and to remember what we when through so we can still make sure we don’t forget.

I am also more devoted to leave this place one day to know what power is really about. Everyday I listen and study the new people in town. I would like to find someone who would teach me what I know I need to know…The tavern is perfect for this but I’m not allowed in at my age (16). So I found that I can climb the stable wall, jump to the back of the tavern and climb the roof to look through the side window. I even got inside a couple of time to taste the beer and listen to a bard from the back room until the waitress saw me.

My little sister Elinor is always following me, even at night. One night she followed me to the tavern, climbed the walls and suprised me on the roof. I wanted to ask her to leave, but I did not…and I should have. There was a large gust of wind and she fell down directly on to the side of the balcony, just holding on with both hands. She probably broke something because she yelled and cried for help. I tried so hard to reach her but when I got to the balcony she slipped and fell to the ground…she died after 2 weeks of suffering. I know she died because of me.

The day after she died I left with everything I could gather and carry. Since then I have nightmares about this fateful night of the full moon, and climbing is very difficult (I hate being weak but it’s not under my control sometimes). I dream so much of her that it’s like she is there with me everytime I sleep. So much sleepless night than when I do get to sleep I have difficulty waking up.

Life was tough for a nobody trying to survive, but I found some people willing to help a kid get work. I stayed true to my father’s teaching and helped create weapons and armors for blacksmiths on the roads I travelled. I did not go far, but just enough not to see that balcony. I did not drink much, just enough to get me to sleep without dreaming. And I had to kill to live. And I will not hesitate to do so again.

I found an old shaman who tough me his skills at pearcing, charring and inserting shards into skin. This is painfull, but nothing compared to what I will do to get the power I deserved. So I found a use for the Dragon Bone…making shards to transfer to power of the beast in me. And I can sense him, the old flaming one, wispering things and crawling in my skin…maybe this was not a great idea, but I’ll see it through the end.

I’m returning home now after four long and painfull years away…I miss my old friends but I don’t know if they missed me. At least I know they are alive.

Kelmor Firestarter (dead)

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