Golan Thrisk

Human male fighter/ranger


Race: Human
Class: Fighter/Ranger (powerful)
Age : 55

Alignment: Lawful Good

Home: Village of Camiram
Profession: Carpenter


This is Wil’s father.

Born the son of a humble but respectable carpenter. He was born in a small village where he lived all his life (Camiram). He is a slim old man with weathered skin, sleek grey hair, well-trimmed sideburns and sparkling green eyes. He has strangely large eyes and has an unpleasant odour. There is a small tattoo depicting a dragon on his right arm. He speaks with a gravelly voice in an exceptionally friendly manner and tends to mumble.

“Serenity is knowing that your worst shot is still pretty good” he often says.

Has seen his wife plagued with a deadly curse all her life, and finally killed by it around 588.
His son, Wil, is now the target of this angry spirit.

In the winter of 592, he used a special scroll he purchased (but received just after his wife died) with all his life wealth to save Wil from death.

Golan Thrisk

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