Eniamil Tiwele

Male High Elf Mage


Race : High Elf
Class : mage (no specialisation known)
Level : Less powerfull mage than Kam’Vim
Interrests are: religion, planes and spellcraft
Languages spoken: Common, Elven, Draconic

Friendly and showing clear signs of being lawful.


Eniamil was passing through Port Joli during the winter of 592. He encountered Kan’Vim Thamyruil at the Broken Barrel Inn and they became friends as Kam’Vim was trying to find some information on elves native of Oerth.

He was on route, with other friends, to a place called “The Vale of the Mage”. This is supposedly very far up north.

Before they separated, Kam’Vim and Eniamil exchanged some spells.

Eniamil Tiwele

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