Children of Dragons Blood

Pain and destruction

After burning the body of Briac, the heroes decided to push the march to Xak Tsaroth with the help of Nightshade.

They camped in a small forest at the edge of the swamp where the ruins should be found.

But they did not anticipate being attacked during the night…a hill giant made it’s way to the camp and was fast to incapacitate some of our heroes. But a stranger came in to save the day, a warrior of a distant mountain dwelling tribe of man. He helped in the fight, and even gave one of his potion to heal a companion.


Gods and knowledge

They decided to investigate the rumors, and found lots of death’s hand in villages and area of the plains. But they came into the destroyed village of Que-Shu to find a statue of a beautiful woman holding an non-corporeal blue staff.


Arrival on Krynn

They chose their Destiny: To be transported where the people needed Heroes.
What they did not know is that it would be in a different World altogether.

After their choice, the woman opened a gate. They all stepped through…

A gate of perfect white energy was surrounding them as they stepped in a darkness as night without moons, full of stars and small suns all around. They were on a bluish bridge crossing between to gates, one of them to a vast plain where wind was blowing and the sky was bluish-purple.

As soon as they started to walk towards the other side, a huge beast flew by and each of it’s five heads lurked around the second gate as to try to stop them.

“We run” they all yelled, “as fast as we can”.


Never under estimate your Destiny

The group was on trial for the murder of a Priest of Nerull.

It was simple really: they were in the room with a fresh body that the guards saw walking in alone two minutes before the group. The room has no other issue and there was no-one else.

So the High Priest declared “They have falsely entered our temple and planned the murder of one of our devoted priest…let them be drowned in the river of oblivion, chackled and bound, thru the Pit of Prisonners”


And the years went by...

It has been five short years for Ramal since he saw is friends murdered by evil men.

During that time he tried to help as he could, pushing more and more the knowledge of Heironeous and trained his body and mind as none around him could.

An holy warrior came into his circle of friends one day, bearing the word of Bahamut. But he was also talking about one thing that kept Ramal going in the last few years : getting back at the Evil in the world through knowledge and communication as a stepping stone to action.

This is how Ramal became a member of the « Compagnie de la Canine du Vent du Nord » (Company of the North Wind Tooth) started by Ezekiel, Paladin of Bahamut.


The early years

This all began on Mystara…autumn 992.

A small group of children, around 12 years old, see the village of Threshold burned and the population taken as slaves. Following this disaster, after a trip into the forest, an encounter with a ranger and some small adventures, the group was instrumental in an escape of the population from Kobolds & Goblins aided by Knights and Elves.

Mystara forest

In the end, lots of people were dead, including some of the group’s family members.



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